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Total Racing Products Coolant Pressure Monitoring Kit For MoTeC – R35 GTR

Total Racing Products Coolant Pressure Monitoring Kit For MoTeC – R35 GTR

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Include TRP 150 PSIg Pressure Sensor?

Monitoring coolant pressure is a crucial strategy your tuner must rely on when pushing your R35 GTR’s VR38 engine. With the use of MoTeC safeties, monitoring coolant pressure for unexpected conditions can even save your engine or save you from having to spend more money than expected in the event of a failure.

With TRP’s coolant pressure harness, you can simply plug one end into your GTR’s OEM power steering connector and the other side into most pressure sensors with a Packard connector such as TRP, AEM, MoTeC, and other brand pressure sensors.

Additionally with the Coolant Pressure Monitoring Kit, you will also receive a billet aluminum coolant hose adapter. Simply insert the two-sided, male adapter between two ends of the most forward coolant hose in your GTR’s engine bay and thread the sensor into the adapter. We suggest using a PTFE-based thread tape, such as Jaco ThreadPro, when installing any type of threaded pressure sensors.

Did you know Total Racing Products offers 10 bar pressure sensors? 

Not all wiring is created equally. We use TXL wire featuring XLPE insulation that is heat, flame, gasoline, grease, and acid resistant and is used in extreme temperature applications of -40°F to 257°F!

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

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Include TRP 150 PSIg Pressure Sensor?

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