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Speed By Design

Speed By Design Rear Traction Kit

Speed By Design Rear Traction Kit

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Want to cut that elusive 1.2 60 ft? Our fully adjustable traction arms allow you to properly dial in the rear tires for maximum contact patch.
Perfect for those that drag race or road race & need to maximize their alignment settings.

As seen on Tom Harrison 1.21 60 ft 7 Second 1/4 GTR on Motec.

As seen on Steve Tasca’s 1.23 60 ft 7 second 1/4 GTR & the current Ecutek 1/4 World Record Holder.

As seen on Chris Riggs 1.26 60 ft 7 second 1/4 GTR on Motec.

MUST have for those running aftermarket wheels, wider than stock. (10.5″)

Our Arms feature upgraded pillowball bushings, a solid upgrade over your factory worn rubber bushings.

Our 6 piece kit includes:

1.) Rear Camber Arms (Left & Right)
2.) Rear Toe Control Arms (Left & Right)
3.) Rear Traction Rods (Left & Right)

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