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Boost Logic Ultra Spool Turbo Kit

Boost Logic Ultra Spool Turbo Kit

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The new Boost Logic Ultra Spool Turbo Kit is based on the Garrett G series Turbochargers. The kit is standard with the G Series 660 Turbos which are capable of 1150-1200whp with amazing spool. We include high quality twin port actuators with a heavy duty, single piece rod for increased strength. This kit comes with our signature 3.5” Titanium Inlets which provide the massive airflow needed to sustain the power and aid spool for these extremely capable turbos.

The Package Includes Custom 3.5” Titanium Inlet Pipes, IC Pipes, Water Lines, Oil Lines, and Turbosmart Dual Port Actuators

Recommended to run with Boost Logic 3.5” Intake Pipe

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