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Boost Logic

Boost Logic Billet Crank Rotating Assembly

Boost Logic Billet Crank Rotating Assembly

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Boost Logic has introduced the VR38 stroker kit for the Nissan R35 GT-R.

The Boost Logic Stroker kit is the ultimate in high horsepower engine builds.

This kit utilizes a billet 4340 steel crankshaft in 94mm stroke length and this raises displacement to 4.1 Liters. Manley 300m Custom connecting rods and Diamond Pistons in custom compression ratios are also included.

To ensure reliable function, only the highest quality parts are used. With this kit, you can expect to see better engine response. With the 4.1 Kit, Block milling is required for additional clearance. We also have a C350 Wrist Pin Upgrade offered at an additional $999 per set of 6. This wrist pin is a unique tool steel material based out of Austria and is used in all Promod level platforms delivering over 3000+HP.

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