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Boost Logic

Boost Logic 750x Gen 2 Turbo Kit

Boost Logic 750x Gen 2 Turbo Kit

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Boost Logic 750x Gen 2 Turbo Kit

NO intercooler pipe options needed

Turbo Core Fee $1500

For a bolt-on package that packs a big punch, the Boost Logic 750X turbo upgrade is the best choice hands down. Utilizing a custom exhaust wheel and compressor wheel optimized for the GTR while retaining the stock cores, our Custom Boost Logic turbo kit provides vicious spool normally unexpected from cars of this caliber. Accompanying the Custom Boost Logic turbos in the 750X kit are the efficient custom Boost Logic inlet pipes.

During testing with the 750X turbos installed on a completely bone-stock motor and drivetrain, we have seen 730whp at 20psi using 93 octane pump fuel on extremely conservative tuning (over 5 degrees of timing removed to preserve the stock rods). Even so, these turbos achieved better spool than stock turbos running E85 while better maintaining power in the higher end of the rev-range. Due to the fact this kit was tested on a stock motor car on pump gas, requiring us to detune the car, the potential of this turbo kit is far from its maximum ability. Practicality during normal driving is also improved as this turbo kit ceases to lack torque anywhere in its powerband. Please inquire for power figures of this kit on a built engine.

For reference, here we put the stock motor GTR fitted with the Boost Logic 750X turbo kit to the test on our dynojet by overlaying the dyno sheets of various common GTR setups. In the sheet above, we compared a stock motor GTR fitted with a 750X turbo kit to a 2009 GTR with a midpipe and a stock turbo car running E85. Gains are extremely evident as the powerband has been widened significantly and the peak power is also increased as well. The response of this turbo kit matches a stock turbo E85 car. Bear in mind the GTR used in this comparison test with the 750X turbo kit installed had a completely stock motor using 93 octane pump gas with well over 5 degrees of timing removed to preserve the stock rods.


On E85 on a stock motor, we have made 800whp while keeping the torque low and with a built motor, 800++ whp is not an issue.



This Turbo Upgrade comes with:

  • Boost Logic Custom-spec Turbochargers
  • Boost Logic Cast Inlet Pipes
  • Billet Actuators

Note : Requires stock core turbo manifolds

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