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Boost Logic

Boost Logic 4″ Exhaust Resonated Midpipe

Boost Logic 4″ Exhaust Resonated Midpipe

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Looking for a midpipe upgrade that delivers exceptional performance without sacrificing comfort? Look no further than the Boost Logic 4″ Resonated Midpipe for the Nissan GT-R.

Our resonated midpipe is engineered to provide maximum exhaust flow, while also minimizing cabin noise and reducing drone. Crafted from high-grade quality titanium, our midpipe is designed to last, while providing optimal flow and performance.

What sets our midpipe apart is its resonated design, which significantly reduces exhaust noise without sacrificing power gains. With our midpipe installed, you can enjoy the quietest driving experience possible, while still feeling the rush of improved throttle response and horsepower.

Upgrade your Nissan GT-R with the Boost Logic Resonated Midpipe today and experience the perfect balance of performance and comfort.

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