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Boost Logic

Boost Logic 12 Injector Upgrade Nissan R35 GTR 09+

Boost Logic 12 Injector Upgrade Nissan R35 GTR 09+

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The 12 Injector Option is a great addition to our current intake manifold. This upgrade allows you to add an additional rail and 6 more injectors to deliver the fueling needs of a 1400WHP GTR. This will include a additional rail, Mounting brackets, extra machining of the Boost Logic Intake Manifold with additional injector bosses welded in place. This is a must for any car going big power using a high volume fuel like E85, E98, E100 etc.

NOTE: This does NOT include our intake manifold, this is only the 12 Injector Upgrade.

NOTE: BL 12 Injector Controller will only work with stock ECU and will have to be wired to work with your Cobb or Ecutek. Please specify your Injector Connectors for your Primary and Secondary Injectors when ordering.

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