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Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Cooling Kit

Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Cooling Kit

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Fixing Your GT-R’s Biggest Achilles Heal

From the factory, your GT-R’s engine and transmission share the same inadequate cooling system.  Thus, prolonged street abuse or even short stints in racing conditions cause components in the engine and transmission to overheat.  This breaks down the engine and transmission oils and will ultimately cause the GT-R to fall into limp mode or shut down.  As a solution, our engineering team spent the past year developing, testing and perfecting the most advanced cooling solution for your R35 GT-R.

  • AMS designed, Griffin built dual pass radiator
  • Laminova liquid to liquid transmission cooler
  • Setrab engine oil cooler with built in windshield wiper reservoir
  • Aluminum shroud
  • Billet adapter fittings
  • Heat shielding on lines and hoses
  • All necessary lines, hoses, gaskets, clamps and hardware for a hassle free installation
  • Detailed installation instructions
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